About Mike Fix

Yamaha drummer Mike Fix began playing drums at the early age of 11. After years of performing and perfecting his craft he began his teaching career at local music shops and music schools. Shortly after he started his own location and quickly grew waiting list to get in with him because of his innovative teaching ideas and patient attitude.To date he has given over 40 thousand private music lessons.  Yamaha drums recognized his talent and gave him a “Local Hero” endorsement and his relationship with Yamaha continues to grow.

Although Mike has performed and recorded with multi platinum artists and producers, played on multiple major motion pictures sound tracks and prime t.v. show songs his passion is in teaching and he is on a mission to create the best teaching curriculum in the world.


This is me playing keyboards in Mission Bay RV Park in San Diego California. I love blues piano and I don’t like reading piano music. Yup , I shave my head sometimes with a razor. It gets hot, like Pedro.


My wife Danielle and I have known each other since 3rd. grade. Currently, she works as a massage therapist. Loves being outdoor.  Enjoys a few episodes of Judge Judy.


This was our first R.V. Danielle named it ”Cottontail” We were in the amazing White Mountains here in northern Arizona. I did allot of work on the website in that trailer. In fact, I’m writing this right now from our RV in Sedona Arizona. Currently we have a bigger one named “River”


Teaching blues piano. I try to jam with my students as much as possible.


My wife Danielle and I like riding bikes. This is the neighborhood we grew up in and still  have a house there.

Drum Sticks

I have never thrown a drumstick away. Here are a few of them.


Big Lake

We love this camp spot in the White Mountains, Arizona. The song I used is Guitar Town by Steve Earl.


Fishing at big Lake, Az. Drinking a “Chattahoochee”


I caught this green back on a top water popper 5 am on Lake Pleasant Arizona…..YES!

Ralph Patlan

My best buddy Ralph Patlan playing with “Head” From Korn. Ralph and I have been fishing together since 2002. He is one of the best record producers in the biz.


I’ve been playing guitar since I was in middle school. I love teaching this little dude.

Movie Session

This is a movie soundtrack I played drums on. New Years Eve movie.


Maui is awesome.


6th-grade jamming.

JJ Abrams

Another recording session I played drums on with JJ Abrams.

Big Lake

Our favorite place…

Gary Mallaber

Hanging with my pal and hero Gary Mallaber. I was probably 16 here. Gary has played drums on so many classic rock hit songs. Listen to Take The Money and Run. His performance is legendary.

Verde River

This is the amazing Verde River I have been fishing on my whole life.


Yeah it might get a little hot in the summer, but Arizona is my favorite place.

My old party band

I played in “The Party Crashers” for many years. We were hired to start the party at many corp. events, private parties, and Scottsdale clubs.